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Sclerotherapy is the most effective method for the treatment of spider veins and small vаrісоѕе veins

FDA-approved medicine

An FDA-approved medicine called Asclera™ or polidocanol is injected into the vein using a fine needle. The vein becomes irritated from the solution, causing it to collapse and absorb into the body. The procedure can be done in the office and is suitable for many types of veins.

Recovery Time

There is no downtime associated with sclerotherapy, so you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment. For optimal results, compression stockings will be recommended by your vein doctor for a variable length of time.

Hоw Effective Iѕ Sсlеrоthеrару?

Sclerotherapy is the preferred method of treatment for cosmetic SPIDERspider veins. Many patients will see significant improvement after the initial injection within 6-8 weeks. However, some patients will need two or three treatment sessions for optimal results. The key is to find the right sclerotherapy treatment for each individual.

Almost all patients are suitable for sclerotherapy

During your consultation with one of our experienced vein doctors, we will evaluate your individual condition, as well as personal preferences to determine which method of sclerotherapy is best for you. Patients will notice astonishing improvements in SPIDERspider veins before and after sclerotherapy.

What are the different sclerotherapy treatments?

Sclerotherapy treatment for spider and varicose veins is tailored to each patient’s condition. Our vein doctors will select the right preparation of sclerotherapy based on the severity of your vein disease and how you want to treat your spider veins.

Liquid Sclerotherapy: This is the most basic form of sclerotherapy treatment and involves direct injections of the liquid solution into the affected veins. This form is best suited for smaller spider veins.

Foam Sclerotherapy: During this treatment, small amounts of liquid solution are mixed with air to create a foamy, cream-like substance. This allows for greater activity against the diseased veins.

Foam sclerotherapy is 5x as potent as liquid sclerotherapy and an effective treatment for treating slightly larger feeder veins and venulectasias.

Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy: For varicose veins that are difficult to see, as well as large superficial veins, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy can improve precision and accuracy where other techniques cannot. This technique requires more patience and skill on the vein doctor’s part. Vein Wellness Clinics has ARDMS-certified technicians and physicians to successfully perform ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy techniques. ARDMS is the recognized standard for excellence in ultrasound.

How Much Does Sclerotherapy Cost?

Sclerotherapy has indications in both cosmetic treatments and those that are medically necessary. At your initial consultation, the vein specialist will assess for underlying venous insufficiency and the likelihood of insurance coverage. Cosmetic treatments are not covered through insurance.

Most procedures run between 15 minutes and 1 hour for cosmetic sclerotherapy. The average costs for cosmetic sclerotherapy in NJ is $300-$1200.

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